Blogging is back!!

Hey there! We haven’t blogged for a long time here on our website, that’s because we have been so busy we had to put it on the back burner, BUT we are glad to say we are back and we hope to share lots of new and exciting things with you here on our blog!

The first thing we have decided to do is set ourselves some new goals for our blog as we have joined the WordPress #bloggingbranding course to help us gain traffic and followers to our site bigger than we have seen so far! Guess what – we thought you might like to join us for the journey as we share the tips we learn with you too!

Our goals for the next 3 months are:

1. Post 2 blogs a week

2. Create a look and feel that creates brand identity for our blog

3. Set a content calendar for the next 3 months

It is important to set goals so that you have focus and a challenge to work towards and achieve and if you share them with others it will make you even more determined to complete them!

Do you have a project that you want to kickstart again? If so join us and add your goals to our comments here! We’d love to hear from you!

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