Blogging is back!!

Hey there! We haven’t blogged for a long time here on our website, that’s because we have been so busy we had to put it on the back burner, BUT we are glad to say we are back and we hope to share lots of new and exciting things with you here on our blog!

The first thing we have decided to do is set ourselves some new goals for our blog as we have joined the WordPress #bloggingbranding course to help us gain traffic and followers to our site bigger than we have seen so far! Guess what – we thought you might like to join us for the journey as we share the tips we learn with you too!

Our goals for the next 3 months are:

1. Post 2 blogs a week

2. Create a look and feel that creates brand identity for our blog

3. Set a content calendar for the next 3 months

It is important to set goals so that you have focus and a challenge to work towards and achieve and if you share them with others it will make you even more determined to complete them!

Do you have a project that you want to kickstart again? If so join us and add your goals to our comments here! We’d love to hear from you!


Taking photos is a great hobby of Luellas. Out and about there is always something to take pictures of (thanks to iPhone!)- whether it be interiors at a restaurant the flooring, the bathroom tiles, a hotel lobby, food, a landscape, architecture you can guarantee we will be snapping away! You never know what might give you an idea when designing, looking for a new pattern or shape, a colour palette to work with scrolling through photos from all over the world (we like to travel too!) gives inspirations for our projects. Here’s just a sneak preview of some of the images.


A cocktail collection

As I scroll through my photos on my iPhone I realise I have quite a collection of cocktails! Not sure why that would surprise me as I love cocktails – not just for the taste of them and the fact I can let my hair down after one or two but (yes you guessed it!) because they look good and you can get creative with them!

Mixing of spirits, liquors and juices creates beautiful flavours and of course colours and patterns as they merge into one another!

But the decorations that can be used to ‘finish them off’ are becoming more original and cool! The shape of the glass that a cocktail is presented in also makes them artistic.


I have drank many a cocktail and most use fruits to decorate – more recently flowers are used but when I was in Nottingham with my BFF they used marshmallows!

I mean really, look at the Marshmallow BBQ cocktail from Curious Manor who would have thought a marshmallow would be a good addition topper to a cocktail! But boy it was!


I found this quote on Pinterest the other day which I totally agree with! How many cocktails can you really drink (well a few maybe!) but enjoy in 1 hour ? And of course it’s happy time so def should be longer than an hour!


It has to be said out of all the cocktails my favourite has to be the classic Pina Colada it’s creamy, coconut, pineapple and rum flavours just do it for me every time and what more it is decorated with a piece of pineapple – my favourite fruit!! 9AA838C8-CC5A-4E36-B660-597E54ABFDC9

A vibrant restaurant

Don’t you just love food? We certainly do here at Luella York office, there’s rarely a day passes when we don’t speak about food – dream of the foods we would like to eat, what we had for tea last night, our favourite restaurant!

This week we went to Zaap in Nottingham it’s a really cool street market style restaurant with a fabulous atmosphere – the menu has a great variety of choice, there is a ‘rushy’ feel by the staff which I love as it really give you the feel as though you abroad.  There’s a big team of kitchen and waiting staff working so the service is brilliant and everyone is friendly!


The kitchen is open to the restaurant so you can see your food being cooked and all the chefs work so well together! Fast paced and communicating loudly amongst one another – some bashing of pans and the noise of the foods sizzling and frying all adds to the street style atmosphere.

Now what we love about this place is the funky interior decor – the street signs hanging from the ceiling, the bare wood tables, metal chairs, the funky tut tut carts you can sit in to eat, the bright lights and the wall art – every time you go you notice something different! For those creative minds out there you will really love this place!

The decorative tray plates the food is served on and the execution of the dishes always looks great! Of course the food here is amazing – so flavoursome, full of colour and texture give it a try your sure to love it! Check out their website for pictures you can see all the colours and how vibrant and creative this place is!6848B607-4621-4218-91C3-D03CB0F3B52C


Use your imagination..

We love all things arty, our minds never stop thinking of fun and creative projects we can get involved in.

coffeeLooking into my morning latte I don’t just smell the coffee aroma and taste the warm frothy drink I see the heart and swirl image, marbling effect as the coffee and milk combine into one another as I stir! My camera is on hand at all times to snap a picture – you never know where your inspiration might come from!




Do you ever look up into the clouds and see shapes – a dogs head, or a clown, a tree or an elephants trunk for e

xample? As the clouds move shapes merge into one another and new shapes appear.

It’s funny how the mind works one person might see one thing and another will just see ‘clouds’!

When you look around you there is inspiration everywhere as a creative team we use all of the things we see and snap pictures of in our daily lives to create our designs.

Marble is a key trend in interiors, graphics and fashion right now an the above images we have taken this week are used to create inspiration for marble patterns like these

Let your imagination go.. and see what you can see today beyond the clouds or the froth on your coffee!

Hello and Welcome to Luella York’s Blog

Thankyou for stopping by and Welcome to our blog – we hope that you will pop by often to read our blogs and hear what we have been up to!

Here at Luella York we are excited to have launched our website and keen to share our crazy ideas and creative thoughts with you, so we will blog as often as we can; short or long to keep you up to date with our stories!

We travel the world a lot so we will share pictures from our journeys, we are foodies so there will definitely be pictures and stories about foods we have eaten or seen and had to resist! Cake been one of them!


We love all things crafty – knitting, painting, sketching and sewing to name a few so expect to see pictures of our latest handiwork or working in progress!


Of course shopping is a huge passion of ours, what designer doesn’t like going out and seeing the latest fashions and maybe making a few sneaky purchases to make sure our wardrobe is up to date! We can’t be seen not wearing the latest trend after all! Gotta admit though – online shopping is getting the better of us lately! There are so many cool websites popping up through sponsored ads on Facebook – very affordable, fashionable and not worn by many! The likes of Silk Fred and Shein are great online stores…

Interiors is another love – infact in more recent times interior design is setting the trends before fashion. Looking at patterns, colour palettes and textures we are setting trends in the home and updating them more often. Whats better than a fresh bright white canvas that can be accessorised with colours and patterns and are easily changeable when you fancy a new look!