Use your imagination..

We love all things arty, our minds never stop thinking of fun and creative projects we can get involved in.

coffeeLooking into my morning latte I don’t just smell the coffee aroma and taste the warm frothy drink I see the heart and swirl image, marbling effect as the coffee and milk combine into one another as I stir! My camera is on hand at all times to snap a picture – you never know where your inspiration might come from!




Do you ever look up into the clouds and see shapes – a dogs head, or a clown, a tree or an elephants trunk for e

xample? As the clouds move shapes merge into one another and new shapes appear.

It’s funny how the mind works one person might see one thing and another will just see ‘clouds’!

When you look around you there is inspiration everywhere as a creative team we use all of the things we see and snap pictures of in our daily lives to create our designs.

Marble is a key trend in interiors, graphics and fashion right now an the above images we have taken this week are used to create inspiration for marble patterns like these

Let your imagination go.. and see what you can see today beyond the clouds or the froth on your coffee!

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