A vibrant restaurant

Don’t you just love food? We certainly do here at Luella York office, there’s rarely a day passes when we don’t speak about food – dream of the foods we would like to eat, what we had for tea last night, our favourite restaurant!

This week we went to Zaap in Nottingham it’s a really cool street market style restaurant with a fabulous atmosphere – the menu has a great variety of choice, there is a ‘rushy’ feel by the staff which I love as it really give you the feel as though you abroad.  There’s a big team of kitchen and waiting staff working so the service is brilliant and everyone is friendly!


The kitchen is open to the restaurant so you can see your food being cooked and all the chefs work so well together! Fast paced and communicating loudly amongst one another – some bashing of pans and the noise of the foods sizzling and frying all adds to the street style atmosphere.

Now what we love about this place is the funky interior decor – the street signs hanging from the ceiling, the bare wood tables, metal chairs, the funky tut tut carts you can sit in to eat, the bright lights and the wall art – every time you go you notice something different! For those creative minds out there you will really love this place!

The decorative tray plates the food is served on and the execution of the dishes always looks great! Of course the food here is amazing – so flavoursome, full of colour and texture give it a try your sure to love it! Check out their website for pictures you can see all the colours and how vibrant and creative this place is!6848B607-4621-4218-91C3-D03CB0F3B52C


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