A cocktail collection

As I scroll through my photos on my iPhone I realise I have quite a collection of cocktails! Not sure why that would surprise me as I love cocktails – not just for the taste of them and the fact I can let my hair down after one or two but (yes you guessed it!) because they look good and you can get creative with them!

Mixing of spirits, liquors and juices creates beautiful flavours and of course colours and patterns as they merge into one another!

But the decorations that can be used to ‘finish them off’ are becoming more original and cool! The shape of the glass that a cocktail is presented in also makes them artistic.


I have drank many a cocktail and most use fruits to decorate – more recently flowers are used but when I was in Nottingham with my BFF they used marshmallows!

I mean really, look at the Marshmallow BBQ cocktail from Curious Manor who would have thought a marshmallow would be a good addition topper to a cocktail! But boy it was!


I found this quote on Pinterest the other day which I totally agree with! How many cocktails can you really drink (well a few maybe!) but enjoy in 1 hour ? And of course it’s happy time so def should be longer than an hour!


It has to be said out of all the cocktails my favourite has to be the classic Pina Colada it’s creamy, coconut, pineapple and rum flavours just do it for me every time and what more it is decorated with a piece of pineapple – my favourite fruit!! 9AA838C8-CC5A-4E36-B660-597E54ABFDC9

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